The Performer
Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Bill has performed with a wide variety of ensembles across the United States and Europe. He has been studying piano since age 10, and along the way has added saxophone, guitar, drums, harmonica, and vocals to his arsenal. He has performed in rock/blues bands, country bands, jazz combos, tango ensembles, klezmer groups, chamber ensembles, concert bands, and choirs. He has extensive experience in accompanying soloists and ensembles. He has performed at weddings, funerals, birthdays, holidays, college residencies, and coffee shops. Most recently, he was a founding member of the Inverse Square Trio, a performance group that explores the intersections of music and science. If you have a gig, he will play it.

The Teacher
Bill has been teaching piano professionally since age 14. He teaches young students out of a core method book series, but challenges students to become interested in music on their own and to come up with pieces they would like to learn. He also teaches young adults and adults, designing the lesson plan around their interests. He can teach classical, jazz, and rock performance, as well as improvisation, theory, and composition. If you want lessons, he will teach them.

The Composer
As a composer, Bill has developed an interest in working with minimal materials. He is fascinated by the intersections of music and science, and finds that those intersections are best explored by allowing the phenomena to represent themselves with minimal intervention. This has led to work with traditional instruments but also with wave drivers, Rubens tubes, and Eulers disks. If you need music, he will write it.